7 Carpet Cleaning Tips For Pet Owners

7 Carpet Cleaning Tips For Pet Owners

One of the queries that a professional carpet cleaner will most often be sent relates to dealing with pets and pet stains on a carpet. Whilst every pet owner knows that their little (or big) furry friend is loved dearly by all the family, on the flip side, it is no secret that pets can be messy from when they are young pups or kittens all the way through their adulthood.

This leads us to the aforementioned carpet cleaning queries that professional carpet cleaning companies receive from their clients, who are often at a loss to know how they can deal with accidents or the general cleaning of their carpets which are looking grubby due to their pets.

If you are a pet owner, and that type of carpet cleaning query is one which you might have, then the good news is that there is no reason why your carpets cannot be as clean as you wish them to be, even if you have one or more pets at home. This can be achieved by following the carpet cleaning tips for pet owners that follow, many of which are the same tips professional carpet cleaners give to their pet-owning customers.

Pet Owner Tip #1 – Do Not Panic If An Accident Happens: The first and arguably the most important tip is not to panic if you suddenly encounter a mess on your carpet created by your pet. You can do more damage by rushing to rub away the mess or applying an unsuitable chemical cleaner than the damage that the mess could actually cause.

Pet Owner Tip #2 – How To Deal With A ‘Wet’ Mess: Wet messes are most commonly in the form of urine, although pet vomit can often be the cause too. The key objective is to soak up as much of the liquid as possible using a rag or towel. Importantly, it would be best if you did not rub the area but instead dab gently before applying a bio-enzymatic carpet cleaner.

Pet Owner Tip #3 – How To Deal With A ‘Solid’ Mess: Every pet owner there ever was had to clean up their pet’s poo at some point, but what do you do if that poo is on your carpet? The answer is not toilet tissue or paper towel, as using these can smear the mess. Instead, use a blunt edge like a wallpaper scraper or a large spatula to scoop up the mess.

Pet Owner Tip #4 – How To Deal With Pet Hair: The apparent solution to removing pet hairs is to vacuum regularly, which we assume you do anyway. However, a great tip from professional carpet cleaners is to rub a dry window squeegee across the surface of your carpets first, as this dislodges a lot of entangled hair and fur before vacuuming.

Pet Owner Tip #5 – Dealing With Muddy Paws: Prevention is the key here; whereby you should wipe your pet’s paws with wet wipes as they enter your home to remove any mud and dirt that exists. Also, keep a towel handy to dry their paws, as although they might not be muddy, the moisture from their paws can damage your carpet.

Pet Owner Tip #6 – Avoid Home Remedies: You will doubtless have seen articles and blog posts suggesting all kinds of home recipes for carpet cleaning solutions. Whilst we do not dismiss them all, do not use them unless you are certain they are not harmful to your pet or your carpets. The best option is branded carpet cleaning solutions that have been tested and certified as safe for pets.

Pet Owner Tip #7 – Call In Professional Carpet Cleaners Regularly: Even if you follow all the above tips, it is almost certain that your carpets will retain some of the dirt and debris that your pet creates. It is for this reason that we highly recommend you hire local professional carpet cleaners to clean your carpets regularly, as this will ensure the best results and the cleanest carpets.