A Step By Step Guide To DIY Glass Pool Fencing

Glass Pool Fencing

The invention of things like modular pool fencing means that DIY fencing is now easier than ever. Putting a new pool fence up is very simple, especially if you have your own tools and a bit of experience using them. The average person should be able to put up a new glass pool fence in a weekend without any problems, and this can save you a lot of money.

With help from the experts at MCM Cabinets & Renovations, we’ve put together a short guide to DIY glass pool fencing. It’s important to realise that most of the steps involved are administrative, which means that the actual fencing is a relatively minor part of the process.

Step 1: Plan Your Fence

The first thing that you need to do is create a plan of your proposed pool fence. A lot of pool fencing companies offer online fence planners which allow you to input all of the relevant information in a quick and easy manner. You need to make sure that you include details about any walls of other fences that are close to your proposed fence, and you need to make sure that you include the position of your gate.

Step 2: Choose Your Fencing Style

There are two main glass pool fencing styles – frameless and semi-frameless. You need to do some research into the pros and cons of each and choose the one which meets your needs the best. Most people go for the frameless option, but both are very modern and stylish.

Step 3: Get Planning Approval

All pool fences have to be approved by the relevant authorities. Many fencing companies will submit your plans to be approved for you, but it’s important to make sure that this happens. If the company that you’re buying your DIY pool fence kit from doesn’t submit your plans for you, you need to do some research and find out how to do it yourself.

Step 4: Pick Up Your Fence/Have It Delivered

Once you’ve received approval it’s time to get started! You will need to either pick up or arrange to have your fence delivered, and then you can start putting it up. Many glass pool fence suppliers will be happy to arrange delivery for you.

Step 5: Get Building!

Most DIY glass pool fencing kits come complete with instructions and a list of the tools that you will need. Read the instructions carefully, make sure that you have the right tools, and then you can start putting your fence up!

Make sure that you always follow the instructions, and make sure that you feel comfortable putting your fence up on your own. If you’re not sure about something or have questions, then call your supplier. Alternatively, employ a pool fence construction expert to do the job for you.

Final Word

DIY glass pool fence construction is easy, but it’s definitely not for everyone. Make sure that you consider your options carefully before committing to building your own fence, and make sure that you weigh up the pros and cons of DIY vs having someone else do it for you.