About Us

Golden Raintree Gardens owns several citrus groves in The Lower Rio Grande Valley of Texas.

We do not buy citrus fruit from other growers or sheds and take great pride in raising the best citrus you can find anywhere.

This area is uniquely conducive to growing the finest citrus in the world – thanks to a combination of rich soil, long warm growing season and abundant supply of water. Only our “best of the best” tree ripened citrus goes into our gift packs.

Run by Joe T. & Maryellen Harren, Golden Raintree Gardens has been a true family operation since its beginning in 1961. We treat each customer like one of the family, striving to ship only “the best of the best” in every carton.

Our gift fruit is harvested as orders are placed and shipped within 24 hours of harvest to assure that your order has the freshest citrus possible.

So Don’t Wait!
Dig out your list of relatives, friends, business associates and employees – give them a real treat of our unique Texas citrus. ( Do not forget yourself when ordering! )

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