Keeping A Roof Over Your Head

Colorbond Roof

Roofing materials in Australia fall into one of two possibilities: you can have concrete roof tiles or corrugated metal roofing known as Colorbond. Your situation and preference will help you decide because both options keep the weather out. Some people even decide after being in their home and for whatever reason switch by reroofing from tiles to Colorbond.Colorbond RoofHere are a few factors to consider when you are deciding on the type of roofing you would like.


Colorbond is a further development of a concept that originated in Chicago and the local product has amazing resistance to corrosion and looks darn good too. You can buy it in many standard colours. The old corrugated galvanized roof would last 20 years, the Colorbond roof would last 50 years or longer.

Roofs and Warriors

You can always go for terracotta, another option. They last forever. Ask the folks in Xian, China. They are digging up the Terracotta Warriors who have been lying around for 2000 years. But looking at price, it’s almost double the cost of a concrete tile roof. No thanks.

Concrete and Colorbond

We should compare Colorbond with concrete roof tiles. They both do a great job and do what they are designed to do – keep the rain of your head when you are inside the house. The concrete tiles have been around for 75 years or so and you can see houses in some of the older suburbs still with their original roofs.

Why select one product over another? Pretty simply it’s personal taste, lifestyle and the cost.

The Architectural Point of View

Stylish, clean lines – that’s Colorbond. Concrete roof tiles can come in a couple of different profiles as well. Half pipe or flat shingle, for instance. There are lots of colours in concrete tiles.

Pitter Patter

Not to treat this point lightly, but you are going to hear rain falling on a Colorbond roof, regardless of insulation and a ceiling. The sound of heavy rain can seriously interrupt a good TV show. There is obviously less noise with concrete tiles.

Rainwater Tanks

Nothing beats Colorbond to collect roof water. Why? Well, concrete tiles absorb a certain amount of water, they retain dirt and dust and this washes into the tank. An interesting fact: during the 10-year drought in Melbourne, people were asked to collect rainwater for use in the home and this request caused a significant increase in demand for Colorbond roofing.

It Ain’t Heavy

Cоlоrbоnd weighs a lot less than a concrete tile roof (10% tо bе precise!) That means lighter roof framing. And when a Colorbond roof is wet, it weighs the same. Unlike a concrete tile roof which absorbs water. That means engineering specifications need to allow for this.


Cоnсrеtе tiles аrе оvеr 20% cheaper thаn Cоlоrbоnd. While the advertising might have you think the opposite, it’s not the case. You will find that home designers also prefer to recommend and add Colorbond roofing into the drawn plans.

The Best?

You need to consider every factor as it relates to your personal situation. What’s important to you and which material bеѕt serves уоur particular tastes, budget. nееdѕ, and lifestyle.