Tips on Keeping Your Carpets in Good Condition

Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning professionals such as Brilliance Carpet Cleaning Perth,  work on helping their customers keep their floors in good condition. Some carpet cleaning businesses believe in maximizing their income by not sharing as much of their knowledge with their customers. It’s good business to build strong relationships with your clients and have them as loyal, returning customers for a long-term future.

Customer Education

Helping your customers keep their floors clean is a top priority, so a little extra education helps them as well as helps you. Who knows what’s involved in keeping a carpet clean? Quick reaction to spills, the frequency of vacuuming and when to call a professional are some aspects of floor care. The more the customer knows, the easier your cleaning job is when called to provide a service. Don’t think of it as a loss of income, but rather a very good relationship exercise in which your services and help are passed on by word of mouth – the best reference you can get.

Here’s a few tips that you can pass on to your customers.

Vacuum Cleaner Head Height

Do you know why vacuum cleaners have height settings? Hоmеоwnеrѕ аutоmаtісаllу think thаt thе closer it іѕ to thе floor, thе easier it picks uр dіrt. As a result, they set it as low as possible. A very low setting can damage the carpet. Set it too high and it doesn’t pick up the dirt. The best way to set your vacuum cleaner head height is by starting at the highest setting then adjusting it until you feel the head tugging at the carpet or floor.

Dirty Facts

Dirt isn’t really soft. In fact, dirt particles are like little blades that can damage carpet fibres. When you walk across your carpet, the particles grind against those fibres making nicks. That’s the reason a high traffic area of carpet looks run down, worn, compared to other areas. The dirt works its way into the fibres causing it to matt down and become more susceptible to stains.

The Frequency of Vacuuming

Vacuum high traffic areas at least twice a week. The other areas only need vacuuming once a week but when you have the vacuum out, there’s nothing wrong with a few passes over the less walked on areas. Make sure you start the vacuuming with an empty bag or filter. The machine works a lot better. Replace or wash the filter every three months.

A Professional Carpet Cleaner

Many homeowners аttеmрt tо do thе jоb thеmѕеlvеѕ by hiring a lower-end carpet сlеаnіng mасhіnе. But thе methods аnd solutions uѕеd juѕt dоn’t give thе ѕаmе rеѕultѕ.

Let your customers know that the carpets should be cleaned before they become really dirty. A professional carpet cleaner with a truck mounted cleaning machine is going to do a much better job than an inexperienced home owner with a hired cleaner. More efficient and leaves the carpet much drier. Saving money can sometimes kill the carpet.