Do You Need an Electric Security Fence?

Electric Security Fence

There are many different types of security fencing, but the electric fence is the one least likely to be scaled. An electric fence is not necessary for every business, but fencing contractors would tell you that where one is installed, problems with security are certainly less likely. So how do you know if your commercial business would find such a fence advantageous?

  • If you store a lot of expensive equipment outside where it is easy to get at.
  • When some of your stock is stored outside where it can be seen, or if you have high value stock that is easy to transport – e.g. it’s small and light to carry – stored inside.
  • If there has been a lot of crime or vandalism in the area where your commercial business is established.
  • If you’ve had theft or other security breaches in the past, an electric fence would be a good way to prevent any more.
  • If you have alarms, security cameras and/or guards and still have security breaches.
  • If your business is one where monitoring is necessary 24/7.
  • If your business is in a location with poor lighting or is isolated.

A good security fence provides a barrier that is physical as well as psychological. Just knowing that the fence is an electric one will put most criminals off attempting to climb it or get through it.

Other types of security fences can be compromised. Many can be cut through, dug under or climbed over, but an electric fence will not only make this very unpleasant, if it is compromised an alarm will go off so any intruders are very likely to be caught before they have a chance to get away with your goods.

When intruders hear an alarm, they tend to panic and run, dropping whatever they have stolen. If they don’t hear it because the alarm goes off in the security firm’s office, they can be caught in the act; the guards will usually get to the property before they load up and leave.  Either way, the end result is that they are unlikely to try again another night.

However, an electric security fence will not only save your business on costs of lost goods and equipment, not to mention damage to the property, it will also save you the cost of litigation if a member of the public is hurt. Some people tend to wander in out of curiosity and accidents can occur if they are where no person is expected to be. If they are injured because you had no fence, they are likely to win the case, even though they were not supposed to be there. Having a good security fence will give you peace of mind and save you many headaches.