Top Essential Tips When Hiring a Landscaper


Landscaping is an incredible way of maintaining beautiful yards and lawns. The best way of tackling any landscape design project is getting professional help. The options available from landscaping professionals such as Landscaping Sydney are countless and selecting the best is truly a daunting task.

Some landscape firms will meet all your expectation while others tackle your project for the sake earning profits. To avoid being ripped off you must adopt a comprehensive selection criterion for your ideal landscape designer.

The following tips will help you settle for the most appropriate contractor.

Conduct a rigorous online research

An online research will unearth the host of available landscaping professionals. Once you have a list of option you can filter them down by ensuring they meet the following criteria;

A solid reputation

Check reviews of previous customers and establish whether your ideal company is good enough. Look for neighbors who have had projects done and request them to refer you the company who helped them.

In addition, check the company’s websites, if it’s flashy there is no guarantee the landscaper is good enough.


Do you want a full-service firm or you want to each task completed separately? Companies focus on different fields and it’s good to confirm the number of services a company can extend.


Every yard is unique, that is why it’s good to hire an experienced landscaping firm. A company with valuable local experience is vital because they will have a better understanding of the local laws, microclimate, and plants that will thrive in your area.

A strong portfolio

Companies will often showcase their past work on their website. Companies are smart and will always put pictures that look great. Focus on the unique factor on projects that are similar to what you want. However, you should remember that images can be photoshopped or source from Google. If possible rely on 3rd party sites since they are unbiased.


It’s essential to protect yourself even when undertaking your projects. A good contractor should be insured. The company should have workman compensation cover and business liability insurance.

Check the company’s certification

Certification varies depending on the type of professional you want to hire. It’s important to contract a firm with the necessary certification based on the landscaping project.

Create the contract

This is the final and the most critical step when hiring a professional landscaping firm. Meet your potential firm and vividly define your expectations. Clarify all your needs and ask questions based on your situation. However, regardless of the type of your landscaping project, you must touch on the following points.


Be honest about your budget. A reputable company will work within your limits to make your vision a reality. In spite of the budget, they will make your yard look good to be a prominent advertisement for their firm.

Get the quote in writing and never pay the full amount at the beginning of your project. Set up a perfect payment plan that will give you’re an incredible recourse if work is unsatisfactory or incomplete.

Quality assurance

A reputable firm should stand firmly behind its services and products. Tell the company to provide detailed instruction for maintaining the new landscape. They should be able to clarify how long the warranty is for each item is. Makes sure you understand what is covered, what would be the solution if the newly laid gorgeous garden is wiped out days after the project?