Make the Best of Outdoor Furniture for Open Air Living

Outdoor Furniture

Transform your backyard into an unforgettable al fresco experience. Rather than expanding your house by adding another room, why not try making the best of outdoor furniture to retrofit your patio for open air living? Apart from sparing you expenses, turning your outdoors into an everyday living space also brings you closer to nature.

But it’s not as simple as just putting your old sofa outdoors and enjoying the fresh air. Preparing your outdoors for an everyday living alfresco experience requires investment in time and money. It’s not enough to have pretty fixtures; you’ll also sturdier furniture that can withstand the elements. Here are tips that will help you make the best of outdoor furniture.

As the familiar mantra goes, form should follow function when you’re thinking of getting outdoor furniture. Think about what you intend to do with your space. Is it for dinner, drinking sessions with friends, a quiet reading nook or perhaps all of that? Knowing its function will make a good guide on what outside furniture to acquire.

Still following up on the last item, comfort should be king when choosing your patio furniture. Before buying a good-looking seat, try sitting on it for a while first to ensure you will be comfortable with it in the long run. Remember that we’re talking of using these seats regularly and not just leaving them outside for display.

Go for low-maintenance and easy-care furniture for your outdoor living space. You should be spending most of your time actually enjoying the fresh air and living the life rather than worrying about your furniture. Fixtures made of stone, cedar, metal and teak will go a long way to surviving some of the worst weather conditions in winter or summer.

Acquire all-in-one furniture that can be used for more purposes than one: a couch that doubles as a bookcase or cupboard, an ordinary bench that can stand alone as a loveseat and be used the next moment for an alfresco breakfast table, a modular table and chair set that can be expanded or made compact based on your need.

In all this, it is important not to be afraid to spend more for quality. Economy furniture would naturally look great when still new but will quickly break or fade in one or two years’ time. Be meticulous when shopping for outdoor furniture, taking care to check reviews and customer referrals before getting a deal.

It might help to preserve your patio fixtures if you can store them during off seasons in a safe place. A garage or basement would be the best place to bring your furniture to avoid hastening wear and tear during cold, snowy winters or tropical storms.