When Designing Patios Let Form Follow Function

Designing Patios

There’s more to patio placement than just laying a large slab of concrete in front of your back or front door. It is imperative that you consider the exposure to the shade and sunlight, the size of your lawn, its landscape features, the views outside your house, and the activities that you may want to do on your patio.

When designing your outdoors with patios, the rule of thumb is that you should let form follow function. Functionality on how your patio space is actually used and maximized should be at the heart of its design. Here are some things up for your consideration when designing your patios:Patio Design

Make it all-in-one

It is important that you maximize your patio for various purposes – from dining to cooking, from weekend socials to hanging out with friends, from dozing off to sunbathing, among others. The fixtures on your all-in-one patio could be chosen in such a way to serve all these purposes and more.

Install lighting

You don’t have to sit on the dark while spending time in your patio during the evenings. Install some lighting to make sure you don’t bump into something while walking and to keep your things safer and more secure. The more light you have there, the less likely it is that burglars will try to break in and steal your goods. As a plus, you get to improve the ambience of your yard.

Architecture and landscape

Don’t make your patio look out of place with your home’s architecture and the wider landscape surrounding it. Your patio should be seamlessly incorporated into both your home design as well as the unique features of your lawn and landscaping. Make a gentle transition from your lawn to your patio and into your home.

Space for privacy

Make privacy a consideration when designing your patio, especially when your lawn space is limited. You could put up stylish fencing, shrubs, or even hedgerows if you’re not on a tight budget, to screen your private space from the prying eyes of neighbours. Tall trees can also give both privacy and shade.

Allow air into your patio

While making sure you have some privacy in your patio, you must take care to allow the air into your outdoors. Don’t hide your patio from the benefits of cooling breezes. Putting too much cover might deprive you of cool air that can help you beat the heat and improve your home’s ventilation.

Beautify your patio

Artworks, sculptures, and centrepieces can adorn your patio but take care to keep them safe from the elements and away from the eyes of potential thieves. Add beauty to your outdoors by bringing life to your walls and transforming them into lush vertical gardens that soften your patio’s border.